Photography Guidelines & Fees

Taking Photos at Union Station

Union Station operates as a non-profit organization and derives essential income from a variety of sources, including required photography passes. In all cases, we maintain very competitive rates to encourage maximum community engagement and participation. We train our security staff to monitor and ask photographers for their stated purpose.

We do not intend to be intrusive. Rather, it is simply to ensure appropriate fees are acknowledged and paid in order to continue offering Union Station as a beautiful setting for our entire community. We do not base our fees on ‘professional’ or ‘non-professional’ basis of the person taking the photos, but rather than on the occasion and size of the group involved. These regulations apply to inside and outside of Union Station property. The property line extends out to Pershing Road.

All ‘Formal,” “Informal,” and “Student Groups” must pay the appropriate fee unless otherwise waived by a Union Station Staff Member. All must have a receipt whether it is for payment or for waived (except Informal during Thanksgiving and New Year) issued by Union Station.

Please note:

Props or decorations of any kind will not be allowed while taking photos. We also respectfully request no Helium Balloons be brought into the building. Anyone bringing in decorations and or props will be asked to remove the items or leave the premises by Security without a refund.

When Do I Need a Photography Pass?


If you’re simply taking snapshots of our building for personal use – with no sales or profit motive – we welcome you to snap away free of charge.

Formal Photography

$75 facility fee. Our definition of “Formal” includes the occasions of weddings, engagements, graduations, and any event that includes more than 10 people. If the group is part of an event at Union Station, this fee is waived.

Informal Photography

$25 facility fee. In the cases of Informal Photos being taken for private use, the fee is reduced. Our definition of “Informal” includes groups of less than 10 people (and waive it entirely between Thanksgiving and New Year).

Student Groups Photography

$25 facility fee. The fee may be waived providing the teacher/professor advises us of the date and time of the group’s arrival and departure.

For Use in Movies or Publications

For those who want to use Union Station as a movie or magazine/publication backdrop, please contact Union Station marketing for details and arrangements.

Purchase A Photography Pass

All photography fees may be paid in advance here or in-person at the Union Station Box Office or Concessions during normal operating hours